Fighting to protect the South Shore

Fixing Plan 2014

Flooding on Lake Ontario is endangering every aspect of life for the people of New York’s South Shore communities.

The devastation has been exacerbated by the International Joint Commission (IJC), the U.S.-Canadian authority that governs lake water levels set by the organization’s “Plan 2014” regulations.

Simply put, Plan 2014 allows too much water to flow into Lake Ontario to the benefit of some areas and uses, and to the detriment of the South Shore.

Homes and other structures have been decimated in recent years by extremely high water levels caused by this reckless change in regulation. Local construction companies aren’t even able to keep up with the repairs necessary as a result of the immense damage.

Residents not on the coast are feeling the impacts too, with property values taking a nosedive due to this preventable damage.

Dr. Jim Maxwell is a proud native son of Monroe County who has raised a family and built a career serving the people of Rochester. He understands this critical threat to our coastal communities and residents.

New York District 25 residents need a representative who will stand up for their interests and fight to change this agreement that keeps Lake Ontario at dangerously high levels. That leader is Dr. Jim Maxwell.

Too much water in Lake Ontario Threat to our coastal communities and residents
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Join the fight to find a commonsense solution for South Shore residents!