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It has been an honor to serve as a neurosurgeon in Monroe County for nearly 40 years. During that time, I’ve performed over 7,000 surgeries and made over 20,000 patient consultations.

One of the biggest blessings of running for Congress has been seeing my former patients on the campaign trail. As I chat with them, many former patients want to write testimonials for our website or volunteer for my campaign.

Are you a former patient of mine that would like to get involved? If so, please sign up using the form below, and a member of my team will be in touch. It is an honor to have your support.


Jim Maxwell, M.D.

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I can’t say enough great things about the integrity and compassion that Dr. Maxwell has demonstrated while I’ve been in his care over the span of 12 years. Not only is he an incredibly skilled neurosurgeon, but his passion and determination for helping people comes through loud and clear whenever you’re in his presence.

I will always remember how Dr. Maxwell’s personality and humor has always put me at ease and given me strength as I faced my health challenges. He’s also the kind of person you can count on to be truthful and forthright when it comes to serious matters. I know this because I’ve literally trusted him with my life four times.

I believe Dr. Maxwell will be a voice of strength and determination as he advocates for our community — not only for better healthcare, but also for a better overall quality of life for all of us.

Gloria Kreitzberg



I want to go on record as endorsing Dr. Maxwell to Congress.

His honest, pragmatic, and hopeful insight into our county's problems and needs especially regarding sky rocketing health care costs, his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public's questions and concerns, sets him far apart from the other candidates. I am writing today to express my support for his campaign and my intention both to vote for him in the upcoming elections and to spread word to others of the value of his abilities.

I also experienced his qualifications personally when I was referred to him as a patient. Dr. Maxwell helped me to get a proper diagnosis when others had failed me and gave me the run around. Dr. Maxwell took his time with me, listened to me and asked the right questions. He knew that something else was going on and doing surgery on me was not the answer. He said that I deserved the corect diagnosis and sent me to someone who could give me that answer. Dr. Maxwell even went as far as saying, when you get your diagnosis, please let me know as I am very interested in your case. He said if I ever needed that surgery he was my man. His office also got me an appointment quickly as I had been getting the runaround for months. My spirits were so uplifted and hopeful when I left Dr. Maxwell’s office that day. I did get the proper diagnosis, treatment, and no surgery.

There is no doubt in my mind to trust him as my Congressman without any hesitation.

I am hoping for his success for all of us!

Kind regards,

Lisa DeRose