Let’s Fix our Broken Health Care System

As the Chief of Neurosurgery at Rochester General Hospital since 1998, I’ve seen the pitfalls of our healthcare system firsthand. I’ve spent 35 years listening to patients and helping them identify and resolve their chief complaints to enhance their quality of life. In my operating room, I never once saw a patient based on the color of their skin, the money in their pocket, or their political ideology – I just saw a patient in need. And I did everything I could to help them.

Rest assured, as your Congressman that’s exactly the kind of healthcare system I will fight for. Right now, our healthcare system is broken and unsustainable. We need to implement a patient-centered healthcare system that lowers costs, expands access to quality care, and that keeps decisions between you and your doctor. By rebuilding our nation’s healthcare system with patients and families at the center, we’ll ensure Rochester can provide high-quality healthcare services for generations to come.