Let’s Revitalize Monroe County

Like you, I remember when Western New York was an engine of economic opportunity and a hotbed for new and forward-thinking ideas. Now, I look around and fear that I might not be leaving my grandchildren and the next generation as good a Rochester as I had.

I’ve spent my entire life and career here in Monroe County – serving the public one patient at a time. I decided to run for Congress because I want to help the 717,000 plus Monroe County residents who see our infrastructure crumbling, a broken healthcare system, and jobs are fleeing out of Monroe County.

We live in the highest-taxed, most-regulated, and least business-friendly state in the nation – and our leaders in Washington and Albany have done little to get us back on track. It’s important that we have a leader in Washington who will fight and protect families, workers, and job-creators from Albany’s insatiable appetite for high taxes and wasteful spending.

After decades of failed policies pushed by career politicians in Washington and Albany, we’re simply not living up to our full potential anymore. If we’re going to reclaim Rochester’s future and protect the next generation, we’re going to have to start over and elect new leaders with fresh ideas.

As your Congressman, I will be a champion of pro-growth policies that will help Rochester businesses expand, create more jobs, and pay better wages. I will also be a tireless advocate for regulatory relief to ensure Rochester entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes have an opportunity to succeed. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law last year has already benefited Monroe County – and the best is yet to come.