Let’s Protect the Environment

We are blessed as Western New York residents to live surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders. Monroe County must have a leader in Washington who will not let federal bureaucrats jeopardize our region’s parks, trails, and waterways.

In Congress, I will support policies that help grow our renewable energy source and provide more clean jobs in Monroe County. I will also join with the Western New York delegation to push for long overdue reforms to the International Joint Commission (IJC) to ensure another disaster like Plan 2014 does not happen again. Local control over outflows must be restored so officials can quickly respond to rising water levels during spring months. The current, rigid, Plan 2014 made it impossible for local officials to act, and so many properties were destroyed as a result.

In addition to supporting IJC reforms, renewables, and clean-jobs, I also want to help create a national “green space” from the high falls in downtown Rochester to Lake Ontario, across both the east and west banks. Monroe County families who can’t afford or find the time to visit a national park should have one right at their doorstep