Let’s Defend our Freedoms

As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and avid hunter, I wholeheartedly believe the right to bear arms must be obeyed, cherished, and protected. In Congress I will defend the freedoms of Monroe County’s law-abiding gun owners and help bring civility to the debate on gun-control.

While I am a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, I also believe in common sense regulations to help protect our nation’s youth– a position I have developed after operating on far too many gunshot victims throughout my 35-year career as a neurosurgeon. As I continue talking with voters all across New York’s 25th Congressional District, I want my positions on this critical issue to be clear.

Gun violence is an issue that transcends politics – and while I do not believe my position is a popular one, in my heart I do believe it is the right one. We owe it to Parkland students, faculty, and those who’ve lost their lives to gun violence to take action as a society and protect our nation’s children.