Let’s Combat the Opioid Epidemic

For many of us, the opioid epidemic hits close to home. This epidemic has not only plagued our communities with poison, it has stolen the lives of our children, parents and neighbors. Congress must make ending this epidemic and treating those who are struggling to overcome addiction a top priority.

As a doctor, I know that the opioid epidemic isn’t a moral issue. It’s a medical issue. Just last year, 220 people died from opioid overdoses in Monroe County, and it’s only getting worse. This is heartbreaking. If the Ebola epidemic hit Monroe County, we’d stop at nothing to eliminate it by any means necessary.

As your Congressman, there needs to be a two-step approach to ending the opioid epidemic. We need vastly more funding for rehabilitation and treatment services. But we also need to end the stigma surrounding opioid addiction. If people need to get help, they should reach out and get help.

In Washington, I’ll take a medicinal approach to help our neighbors who are struggling with addiction.