Cherishing our Veterans

Veterans are a crucial part of what makes America the greatest nation in the world. Men and women who join the military to fight for our freedoms deserve the utmost respect and gratitude from the American people. And when they step off the battlefield, it’s up to us as citizens to ensure that veterans are cherished and protected.

As a neurosurgeon, I’ve treated hundreds of veterans during my career. Whether they face back issues or TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries,) my responsibility as a physician is to ensure that they are healed as quickly as possible. If elected to Congress, it would be my responsibility to prioritize legislation that would protect the rights of veterans in NY-25 and beyond.

In Congress, I’ll fight tirelessly on behalf of our veterans in Monroe County. I’ll support legislation that allows veterans to see a local doctor if going to the Department of Veteran Affairs is too much of a hardship or an inconvenience. I’ll work to expand programs that provide job training and educational benefits to veterans so they can build a dynamic and fulfilling life outside of the military. I’ll use my experience as a neurosurgeon to lead the fight to research the causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries and work with health care professionals in NY-25 and beyond to ensure that veterans with TBI are taken care of.

In Congress, I’ll support:

  • The VA CHOICE Act so veterans can go to a local doctor if they choose;
  • Increased funding for TBI research and treatment;
  • Routine audits of the VA to ensure the agency is providing veterans with the treatment they deserve;
  • Expanding job training and educational benefits for veterans so they can build a life outside of the armed forces