Learn how Dr. Jim Maxwell
is fighting for you

Combat the
Opioid Epidemic

For many of us, the opioid epidemic hits close to home. This epidemic has not only plagued our communities with poison, it has stolen the lives of our children, parents and neighbors.

Control Wasteful
Spending & National

Politicians make plenty of promises, but few possess the political will to help cut federal spending, eliminate wasteful programs, or reduce our national debt.

Reclaim Rochester’s Future

Like you, I remember when Western New York was an engine of economic opportunity and a hotbed for new and forward-thinking ideas.


Revitalize Our Economy

We live in the highest-taxed, most-regulated, and least business-friendly state in
the nation – and our leaders in Washington and Albany have done little to get
us back on track. It’s important that we have a leader in Washington who
will fight and protect families, workers, and job-creators from Albany’s
insatiable appetite for high taxes and wasteful spending.

Repair a Broken
Healthcare System

As the Chief of Neurosurgery at Rochester General Hospital since 1998, I’ve seen the pitfalls of our healthcare system firsthand.

Protect Our Environment

We are blessed as Western New York residents to live surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders.


Defending Our Freedoms & Nation’s Youth

As a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and avid hunter,
I wholeheartedly believe the right to bear arms must be obeyed,
cherished, and protected.